Sunday, September 6, 2009

Gargeshwari, T-Narasipura, Talakad Trip

06th Sep 2009:

On 06th Sep 2009 Sunday, my friend Anup and I thought of going out and spend some time out of bangalore. Then we planned to go to Ardhanaareeshwara Temple, Gargeshwari. This is our main destination.

We started at 7 A.M by two wheeler and took Kanakapura Road. Had Breakfast at Kanakapura. From kanakapura, we have taken Malavalli route which is 45 kms. We reached T-Narasipura at 11.30 A.M.

T.Narasipur is the taluk headquarters in Mysore District of Karnataka state, India. It is 29 km South-East of Mysore.It is a place of religious prominence. The Gunja Narasimha Swamy temple on the left of the Kaveri river, is a massive complex belonging to the Vijayanagar period. The image of Narasimha in the sanctum sanctorum has a twig with seed of the Gunja tree and hence is called Gunja Narasimha Swamy. This temple is more than 450 years old. Apart from the Gunja Narasimha Swamy temple, there are many other temples such as the Agasthyeshwara temple. (Sage Agasthya founded and sanctified the Agasthyeshwara temple.

The Someshwara and Markandeshwara Lingam in T Narsipur and the Gargeshwara Lingam at Gargeshwari village, along with the Agasthyeswara Lingam and the Hanuman Lingam, form the panchalingas of T Narsipur, just like the five lingams at Talakad.

Second place we reached is Talakad:

hen we headed towards Talkadu which is about 5 km away. This is a historical place with a small bay of Kaveri river. This is the place with much sceneries and authentic services we can really enjoy the river bath. We went to the river. But we didn't had the bath in the river. Then we went to see the three of the panchalingas, maraleshwara, pathaleshwara and Vaidyanatheshwara. Got to know some little history with our guide Mariyamma. The temples are below the ground level.. There is also a Kalyani[pond]. Kirthi Narayana temple is also here. The temples other than 3 panchalingas are not in good condition. Speciality of Talkadu is sand all over this area.. There is a scientific reason for this and also a story from history related to Mysore Wodeyars.

As the time was about 3.00 PM we decided to return to gargeshwari via T.Narasipura. The road from here to Mysore is the worst. Its actually under repair. But It may take a lot time to get completely repaired. We reached our final destination i.e Ardhanareshwara Temple, Gargeshwari where the Ganapthi is very famous and is believed to tell the future.

In Gargeshwari one can find Shiva parvathi temple / Ardha Nareeshwara where one can see Lord Shiva as part of Goddess Parvathi here. One of the miracles which takes place in this temple is yantra Ganapathi Idol , a small Ganapathi idol which will give you indication as to your prayer/ wish will happen or not. First time you need to pray in your mind and pay a token of Rs.10 to the poojari who will be sitting next to the idol and lift the idol of Lord Ganesha if it comes easily for you it is believed that your work will happen. if the lifting of idol is not so easy then your work will happen but with delay. If the Idol cannot be lifted by you then your work will not happen. One cannot apply any strength to lift the idol as it will not come up.

Next time you need to lift the Lord ganesha idol again and if the prayer what you had in your mind happens then the idol won’t come-up even if you put more of your effort. Is this not a miracle ??.

Me and Anup got surprised by seeing the miracle. We got the answer's from the ganesha. Then we headed towards mysore, the road was very bad. We reached mysore at 5.45 pm and had a light snacks at Kamat Hotel at Ramanagaram. Finally we reached bangalore at 9.30 pm.

The trip was excellent and we had a nice darshan.

Route: Bangalore ->(45 Kms) Kanakapura ->(42 Kms) Malavalli ->(35 Kms) T.Narsipura ------>(15 Kms) Talakad -> T. Narasipura->(2 Kms)Gargeshwari ->(26 Ms) Mysore---> (135 Kms)Bangalore.

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